What camera should you buy as a starter kit for photography?

When you are just starting in photography, it’s important to know what camera and equipment you need versus what you will end up shooting with regularly. You don’t need to start with the most expensive camera to hone your skill, even though this may seem counterintuitive. A great place to start is a camera shop with someone who has sold a lot of different camera options to a variety of photographers who shoot a variety of subjects. A great idea is to start off renting so you can see what cameras do best in motion, for portraits and how they handle light. But if you want to buy a camera first, we get it, below we have listed a few options and what they give the aspiring photographer.


Canon EOS M100: The Canon is a basic and straightforward mirrorless camera, mirrorless meaning the lens is interchangeable and has a digital single lens. It is a camera with a removable lens and a digital display. This helps newcomer photographers check their work as they go and make sure everything within the composition looks right as well as is in focus. The

Canon EOS M100 is similar to the Fujifilm x-A5 in that their lens is similar, but the Canon has a larger aperture range. You want a larger aperture range at the beginning of your photography journey because it lets more light in and thusly can give you a more detailed picture. Canon’s are thought to be warmer and brighter than the Fujifilm camera options, although this could be photography fodder based on personal preference.


Nikon D3500: This DSLR is a great camera for beginners, as the camera is known to be a great performer and is easy to use. The big difference between the Nikon D3500 and say the Canon Rebel is that the color images tend to skew a little darker in tone. So that’s something that you may want to try out particularly if you think you may be a more edgy photographer in terms of what your subject matter is. The Nikon D3500 has Bluetooth support, an 11-point autofocus system, and an optical viewfinder, all things that are necessary for a hopeful photographer.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Mirrorless Camera: The Olympus is known for its durability, and that’s why we think it’s a camera that shouldn’t be overlooked. When you’re at the beginning of your photography journey, you don’t want to be in and out of the shop trying to figure out what went wrong, your time would be better spent shooting all the things that make you inspired. You will lose a bit of your image quality with this camera, but you more than makeup for it in its ability to shoot challenging shoot conditions. So if you’re someone who wants to jump right into motion and movement pictures, this may be the camera for you. The lens is good compared to the other camera on this list, but if you do outgrow it you can always trade up as this camera can be used with other Olympus lenses, and they are relatively cheap to buy